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Ok, so we all know that everyone plus is on social media in some form or another.  And, we all know the influence everyone has on products, services, news items, etc.  We see people sharing what they like everyday. So, why aren’t your friends, family, customers, associates, etc. sharing your website content?




You don’t have share buttons on your website?  NOT GOOD.  But first, know the difference between FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE.


FOLLOW: Follow buttons promote your social media channels and networks.  Placed on your website, these buttons allow your web-goers to easily follow you on your social networks. They can be placed on any page of your website, but a good spot is on your About and Contact pages.  So, make sure you include follow buttons (links) for all your social outreach endeavors.


LIKE: This button allows your web-goer to “like” the content that you are displaying.  It can also tally the number of “likes” you receive and the number of likes can influence your rankings on search engines, so this is a good one to have too!  Place it on all your pages and posts.


SHARE: My favorite!  and by far, in my opinion, the best use of social media buttons and links.  Share buttons enable website users to effortlessly and seamlessly share or recommend your product and services across their entire network.  Place this one on all of your pages!!




Now we are talking! If I have a line of health products I sure do what everyone who visits my site to share my products with all their friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers….this list goes on forever. 

Now you are networking through social media and your reach is infinitely expanded!

So, make sure you are integrating these very important social media elements into your website.  Definitely worth your while.

Check out other social media elements that also do a fantastic job at spreading your content.  When you click on this link, give it a try, then go on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page and check out what just happened!

Please follow us, like us & SHARE!

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